Walking the Shaman's Path:
Encounters with the World of Spirit 
In this experiential workshop you will learn about the basic principles and techniques used by indigenous shamans across many cultures and traditions to restore health and bring various kinds of help to self and others.Aided by the beat of a drum, you will learn how to enter into a shamanic journey, a visionary state of consciousness used by shamans to explore hidden worlds. You will learn how to journey to discover your own power animal or other spiritual teacher. Through partner work, you will also learn how journey techniques can help you find answers and restore spiritual power and health to others.

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Transmuting Personal and Environmental Toxins
Based on the groundbreaking work of Sandra Ingerman.From cross-cultural legends of shamanic cures to biblical accounts of seas parting and water transforming to wine, many spiritual traditions are rich with stories about unexplainable miracles. Using a powerful combination of guided meditation, shamanic journey work and ceremony, our work will focus on transforming not only physical toxins, but also emotional and mental toxins that poisonperceptions of reality.This work brings together people who believe it is possible to create heaven on earth.  It puts us in touch with our own ability to be miracle workers.  It teaches us about our own enormous power, which we are using every minute of the day without being conscious of it.  With every thought, word and deed, we are creating ourselves, our lives, our reality, for better or worse.  Medicine for the Earth shows us how to use our power to create health, wholeness and harmony in our world and within ourselves. 

Create your own ceremonial drum in a sacred way in this 1-day workshop. Through journeywork, ritual and ceremony you will make a sturdy, single-headed frame drum and beater, meet and honor the spirit of your drum and celebrate its birth.Details

Healing with Spiritual Light  This powerful healing modality is based on Medicine for the Earth, described above. It combines guided meditation, shamanic journeywork and ceremony, enabling us to experience union with the divine and realize harmony, wholeness and boundless love. In this transcendent state, miracles happen. Physical, emotional,mental and spiritual healing are a natural occurrence.
In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to work with the principles of Medicine for the Earth to ease the suffering of others and also to experience healing for yourself. Everyone in the class will receive a healing and will also perform one. While Reiki practitioners and those who do other types of energy healing may be particularly attracted to this way of working, anyone can do it and no previous experience is necessary.

Journeys at the sacred Tree
From the Tree of Life to the World Tree, the Tree of Wisdom and the Cosmic Tree, people have celebrated the archetypal tree as a source of connection with their ancestors and a way of accessing spiritual realms. Tree spirits can be powerful healers and teachers, leading us to a deeper connection with spirit and a more meaningful awareness of life. 

In this experiential workshop, you will interact with tree spirits to gain information, insight, balance and harmony in your life. We will spend part of our time outdoors among the trees along the banks of the Musconetcong River, on ancestral land of the Leni Lenape people. Using shamanic techniques, such as journeying, ritual and ceremony, we will each deepen our understanding and personal relationship with our own Sacred Tree. 

Previous shamanic journey experience is helpful but not required.
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This program is for those who wish to take their shamanic knowledge, skills, and experience to a deeper level within a safe and trusted community of spiritual seekers. Over a 2-year period, participants will meet four times each year for a weekend beginning on Friday evening and continuing through Sunday afternoon at the beautiful Kirkridge Retreat Center near Bangor, PANow accepting applications for 2014-2015 program!

WORKING WITH ANCESTOR SPIRITS TO HEAL THE PASTIn this 1-day experiential workshop  you will meet and work with ancestor spirits to gain information, insight and perspective about your life. Using shamanic techniques, you will journey back in time to learn about family patterns or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in your present life.
Through ritual and ceremony, we will celebrate the gifts of our ancestors, help to heal the wounds of humanity and create a better future for those who come after us.
Shamanic GriefWork ProgramLed by Julie Lange Groth, author ofLife Between Falls: A Travelogue Through Grief & the Unexpected,this program uses spiritual techniques including shamanic journeying, ceremony and sharing to help participants move through the grieving process with intention and awareness.

Working together over several weeks within a small group, we create a circle of safety and openness in which participants can explore the deeper meanings within their losses and seek spiritual assistance as they heal.

The program includes four 2-hour gatherings plus several group sessions by telephone. It is for anyone who has experienced a deep loss such as:· the death of a loved one· a divorce· a health crisis· the loss of a career.For times and locations, contact Julie at joolybooly@juno.com.

Dancing with the Mystery: Shamanic approaches to working with death & dying
The workshop is for those who wish to grow in understanding and awareness of the spiritual aspects of dying and beyond, whether for personal growth or to help others. It is an important component of shamanic practice. Those who work in hospice, hospital or eldercare settings may find it especially helpful.
The Shamanic GriefWork Program enables those who have experienced a deep loss to use shamanic tools to process grief.
Honoring the Directions Ceremony - photo by Gail Mardfin
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